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James Rye

Kings Lynn Couple Counselling (James Rye)

King's Lynn Couple Counselling could help you find different ways of doing things, and if appropriate, of restoring hope.

Most people in relationships want to feel cherished. If you are reading this page the chances are that something is wrong and that you are not feeling particularly valued.

Depending on the issues that people raise, couple counselling typically (but not necessarily, and not always) involves some of the following:

  • An evaluation of the present relationship using criteria developed by relationship experts.
  • Learning how to communicate to defuse the landmines rather than bury them.

  • Understanding what forgiveness is and isn't, and trying to work out if it is appropriate in the present situation and what might help it.
  • Discovering how to express love in a way your partner really understands.

  • Pinpointing precisely what needs to change and finding motivation to help this happen.
  • Exploring what might help emotional and physical intimacy to repair and grow.

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